Gender Reveal Party

I recently saw a friend of mine’s gender reveal party on Facebook.  It was by far the most creative party I have come across.  She has so sweetly agreed to let me share her party!

First up, they had a box that was decorated with bows and mustaches, inside the box was balloons filled with helium in the color of the gender of the baby (blue for boys, pink for girls).

They also had all of the guests pick what they thought the gender of the baby was.

Next up they had a list of all the “Old Wives Tales” on what the gender of the baby was. You can find out more about the Old Wives Tales, here.

The whole party was adorable! And once they opened up the box, the balloons were blue! We welcome their little boy in just a few more months!

Other cute ides with gender reveal parties are –

Have your doctor write down the gender and seal the envelope.  Take it to a baker and have them fill the cake with either blue or pink icing depending what gender is in the envelope.  This way everyone finds out at the same time, when you cut the cake!

Have a shower, like a normal shower, but ask guest come dressed in either pink or blue, depending on what gender they think the baby is, have someone who is close to the family (but able to keep a secret) fill a dark-colored balloon with either pink or blue confetti, for the reveal pop the balloon!

You can also have your family pet come out wearing a particular color bandanna to surprise family and friends.  Or do a video to tell family and friends who live far away!

Happy Revealing!

Did you find out the gender of your baby? How did you tell your friends and family the gender of your baby?

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